Christ in a Clamhat

Today I found out that both Kanye Toodles and Fisty Cent’s albums have been pushed back to 9/11. Jeez it’s gonna be like the Ultimate Showdown here. Who am I rooting for? Well about 3 or 4 years ago this would’ve been the greatest day ever for me. Both Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and the College Dropout are 2 of my favorite albums ever (not THE 2 favorites). But now it seems that both have become gayer and/or gayer.

I would choose neither. But if i had to choose, i’d choose Fiddy (sorry guys). It’s just that Kanye has become too nerdy. His Stronger single is the biggest POS i’ve heard in a while. He samples one of the worst bands ever (Daft Punk) and get’s all anime-ish. Looks like that Jeru ripoff/Jihadist Lupe has spoiled Ye’s mind.

Though it isnt saying much

Amusment Park>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Stronger.

I posted a poll for you guys to vote on. Voting ends a week from today.

Also Michael Vick has been arrested for dog fighting. Who effing cares!? Pit Bulls were pretty much created to kill. And if they can’t kill humans they might as well kill eachother into extinction. Is it really considered animal cruelty if the animals are the ones being cruel.


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