Lil’ Wayne’s on Dem Pillz

According to a post I read on Hhboard, Lil’ Wayne stripped naked during a concert.

 Here’s the post:

July 21, 2007

Last Night Grammy nominated rapper, Lil’ Wayne; real name Dwayne Carter Jr., was reported to have stripped naked while performing at a local concert in Baton Rouge, LA. Several onlookers and fans were speachless. “He was in the middle of performing Grown Man,” says witness Trey Washburn. “All of a sudden he just pulls his pants down. I could’nt believe what i was seeing. **** is messed up.” Local police had to pull him offstage seconds after it hapened and reportedly had to restrain him. It is specualted that Lil’ Wayne was under the influence off drugs and/or alcohol.


More news as this story developes.

First kissing baby and now this, is Lil’ Wayne on the verge of coming out of the closet?! Wow. Crazy shit.

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