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Lil’ Wayne’s on Dem Pillz

J0000007UTC 16, 2007

According to a post I read on Hhboard, Lil’ Wayne stripped naked during a concert.

 Here’s the post:

July 21, 2007

Last Night Grammy nominated rapper, Lil’ Wayne; real name Dwayne Carter Jr., was reported to have stripped naked while performing at a local concert in Baton Rouge, LA. Several onlookers and fans were speachless. “He was in the middle of performing Grown Man,” says witness Trey Washburn. “All of a sudden he just pulls his pants down. I could’nt believe what i was seeing. **** is messed up.” Local police had to pull him offstage seconds after it hapened and reportedly had to restrain him. It is specualted that Lil’ Wayne was under the influence off drugs and/or alcohol.


More news as this story developes.

First kissing baby and now this, is Lil’ Wayne on the verge of coming out of the closet?! Wow. Crazy shit.


Christ in a Clamhat

J0000007UTC 16, 2007

Today I found out that both Kanye Toodles and Fisty Cent’s albums have been pushed back to 9/11. Jeez it’s gonna be like the Ultimate Showdown here. Who am I rooting for? Well about 3 or 4 years ago this would’ve been the greatest day ever for me. Both Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and the College Dropout are 2 of my favorite albums ever (not THE 2 favorites). But now it seems that both have become gayer and/or gayer.

I would choose neither. But if i had to choose, i’d choose Fiddy (sorry guys). It’s just that Kanye has become too nerdy. His Stronger single is the biggest POS i’ve heard in a while. He samples one of the worst bands ever (Daft Punk) and get’s all anime-ish. Looks like that Jeru ripoff/Jihadist Lupe has spoiled Ye’s mind.

Though it isnt saying much

Amusment Park>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Stronger.

I posted a poll for you guys to vote on. Voting ends a week from today.

Also Michael Vick has been arrested for dog fighting. Who effing cares!? Pit Bulls were pretty much created to kill. And if they can’t kill humans they might as well kill eachother into extinction. Is it really considered animal cruelty if the animals are the ones being cruel.


It has begun…

J0000006UTC 16, 2007

Hello there. And welcome to “Eternally Damned.” This is a blog site created my myself to go over major dealings in my world; we will get to this in a second. My name is Alec. I am going by ThingAlec because I’e had that nickname on the internet for about as long as i can remember. I am 19 years old as of May 2nd, 2007. I live in Denver CO. And I am currently working out of my trashy bedroom (it’s a living). This is what I will be talking about on this site.

Video Games
Music (Preferably Hip-Hop)
Current Events
Politics (Warning: I lean toward the left)
Internet Memes (see websites like 4chan, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and Something Awful for what I am talking about.)
And other stuff that I find amusing.

FAQ (Because all websites need one):

“Will I piss people off”: Most likely, yes. But thats okay. We are all entitled to our opinions. If you have a problem with me, please comment. I am open to discussion.

“Why did I start this Site”: Because I felt like my opinion on various matters needed to be heard or at least heard and ignored.

“What will be going on on this site”: Well basically, I rant and rave in a post and you; the reader will post your opinions on the matter. And on every Friday I will post a Weekend Poll. The poll could be about any type of subjest from Music, Politics, or just the flat outragous. I feel we all have opinions on things and this should be a place where we can express them.

Note: I tend to be sarcastic so if you see something that is contradicting to what I have said earlier, it is probably sarcasm.

Also. I may not post a new journal everyday. And I tend to procrastinate. I may say I will get something done by a certain time. Dont believe it! It may take a few days to even a few months for it to happen.

Legal Issues: If I do something that is somewhat controversial and may result in frivulous litigation, then email me at and I will be glad to discuss what the problem is. I do not plan of being a problem to anybody and will do what must be done to avoid confrontation.

So relax, enjoy, grab a blunt or a cup of coffee or whatever, and read away!